Digital Publishing

Six Interactive Digital Media solutions that can help you create and distribute your literature

When it comes to publishing catalogues, magazines, newspapers, brochures or just informational literature, are you looking for a solution that can cut costs and increase your target audience?

Digital Editions from Marlin Digital Publishing is the answer, a cutting edge Digital Solution, that only requires your print ready files to achieve a Digital Brochure.

Digital Max Editions - Simply the most advanced digital edition product on the global market

Digital MAX Editions the ON and OFFLINE solution for e-editions. Eliminate paper editions and endless pages of online brochures, where upload times can be quite infuriating.


Digital MAX Editions enables you to distribute your printed publications as a easy-to-read 'digital editions' - by using the internet as a transport, Digital MAX Editions is viewable as a downloadable brochure that sits on the users desktop and can be updated at any time. Read more...



IMAS - Interactive Media and advertising screens ideal for hosting a digital edition library & adverts on kiosks

Access your complete library of literature or back catalogues, in an exciting, simple, cost effective, green digital format. IMAS Digital Libraries are the complete Digital Solution for archiving and delivering your publications.


By placing your literature on to the IMAS library, you can segment in to however many categories you wish and choose how you would like the reader to have access to them. Read more...



DigiTV Editions - Access to client publications via your Digital TV set top box to providing information to people without computers

Try to imagine your customers viewing your publications from the comfort of their armchair in their living room. Now it's possible with Digitv Editions, the Digital Editions that can stream through live TV. Coming soon...




Dynamic Editions - Web interface to allow end users to search, filter and create their own digital publications from clients uploaded content

Digital DYNAMIC Editions enable user’s to search and create their own "custom" editions - from any selection of your pre-loaded pre-press pages - instantly, in mere seconds.


The User Search interface allows the reader to select their desired search criteria/information which is then instantaneously complied – ‘on the fly’  - into a personalised "edition". Read more...




Transpromo Editions - Paperless billing that can dynamically attach relevant digital magazine

Most responsible companies are finding ways to cut their repetitive paper consumption, especially for regular communications such as monthly statements, which are being replaced by eStatements.


TRANSPROMO Editions create the ability to add individually 'customised' eMagazines to each eStatement sent to its customers. Read more...




Corporate Lite Editions - Portal that allows clients to create their own online digital editions in mins

Coporate Lite Editions are an interface that allows the client to create Online Editions, instantly 'on-the-fly', in a few minutes. Output of the ebook is ONLINE ONLY with Print/Save PDF (from the ebooks nav bar). Read more...